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UFC 187 Tweet of the Day: Jon Jones? Bader tells Daniel Cormier he's the number 1 contender

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Ryan Bader called out the newly crowed UFC champion in Daniel Cormier.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after dispatching of Anthony Johnson to win the vacant UFC light heavyweight title, Daniel Cormier wasted no time calling out his former opponent and rival in Jon Jones. In his post-fight speech, he told Jones to 'get your shit together', and now another contender is using that same line to call him out.

Bader is currently the #5 ranked light heavyweight, and is coming off 4 straight victories. He was originally scheduled to face Cormier until the whole Jones fiasco unfolded and he was moved to the title fight against Johnson.

Cormier took advantage on the unlikely title opportunity and it looks like Bader is now looking to try and regain that fight that had been previously booked between them.