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UFC 187 results: Chris Weidman pounds out Vitor Belfort in less than 3 minutes

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Get the result of the UFC middleweight championship fight between reigning champion Chris Weidman and former UFC LHW champion Vitor Belfort.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC middleweight championship was on the line in the co-main event of UFC 187 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort were scheduled to meet on three previous occasions, all scrapped for various reasons. They finally threw down in the Octagon on Memorial Day weekend to see who would exit as the undisputed champion.

Weidman opened up with a head kick and then another one inside the first 30 seconds. The champ went in for a takedown and was stuffed and got hit with a knee to the body. Weidman pounced on Belfort after he slipped and then they returned to their feet. Chris seemed to be cut near his eye and Belfort teed off on him in a massive flurry but Weidman took his best shots and covered up well. Chris had an easy takedown of Belfort and dominated from there. He gained full mount, then back mount, and unloaded a series of ruthless ground-and-pound. Weidman returned to full mount and crushed Belfort with punishing punches and elbows that literally had Vitor's head bouncing off the canvas. Herb Dean had seen enough and called an end to the fight not even 3 minutes into the round.

Official Result: Chris Weidman (13-0 MMA; 9-0 UFC) def. Vitor Belfort (24-11 MMA; 13-7 UFC) via TKO (strikes) at 2:53 of round 1 to remain UFC middleweight champion

Aside from the Vitor flurry as Weidman dealt with his cut, this was a one-sided beating and another stellar performance by the best middleweight in the world. Belfort's first middleweight fight since May 2013, and his first in the post-TRT era, ends in another championship defeat.