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Daniel Cormier reveals Cain Velasquez’s advice following first career defeat to Jon Jones

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UFC light-heavyweight title challenger Daniel Cormier discusses the advice Cain Velasquez gave him following his first career loss, as well as whether the heavyweight champ wants to fight Jon Jones.

On Saturday night, Daniel Cormier will have a second opportunity in recent memory to try and claim championship gold in the light-heavyweight division. Faced with the task of defeating Anthony Johnson at UFC 187, Cormier plans to use his previous experience in a title fight to ensure that the second attempt will be his final one en route to the title.

Cormier even delved into the advice that heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez gave him after the fight. Given that Cain lost his title to Junior dos Santos on the inaugural UFC on FOX broadcast, the champ's advice resonated with Cormier.

"He said we all go through it. He lost and went through it. This isn't the last they're going to see of us. Eventually we will win that championship."

He even suggested that Cain was more than open to a potential fight with Jon Jones, even if only to avenge his friend.

"Anytime you see your friend lose you want to fight the guy that beat him. He just doesn't want to see me sad. I wanted to fight Junior dos Santos when he knocked (Cain) out. Cain still has the confidence that I can get it done and he wants to see me get it done."

Watch the YouTube clip here.