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UFC 187 Video: Chris Weidman vows to make Vitor Belfort pay for 'still cheating'

Chris Weidman says Vitor Belfort is 'still cheating' and vows to make him pay for it.

Following the UFC 187 weigh-ins, Chris Weidman was more emotional than ever and immediately got up in Vitor Belfort's face during the staredowns. According to the middleweight champ, it has to do with the testosterone numbers on their drug test results.

"I left him alone with this whole drug test thing, but then we just found out during camp he had a 1200 testosterone score. I'm 10 years younger than him and he's got a way higher testosterone level. This guy is still cheating," he exclaimed. "I'm gonna make him pay for it."

"He's a dangerous fighter, and he brings a lot to the table, but I don't give a crap," Weidman said on FOX Sports 1 shortly after. "It's messed up what he's doing. (I'm going to win) any way I want. Early."

Weidman is fired up about the test results, and while it's fine to use that an extra motivation, it should be pointed out that those testosterone numbers aren't exactly conclusive nor were they out of the norm. Check out Iain Kidd breaking down what the numbers on this drug test actually means.