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Dana White: Ronda Rousey makes over $3M a year in sponsorship

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UFC president, Dana White told Jim Rome recently that Ronda Rousey is making over $3M a year in sponsorship money.

UFC women's bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey has been all over the place in the last couple weeks. Appearance after appearance, interviews, movies, books, Sports Illustrated covers...In short, she's dominating the media, and not only in the MMA bubble.

In the short amount of time she's been with the UFC, she's become a bona fide superstar with legitimate drawing power. Her last outing saw tremendous numbers considering she was the only big name on the card, and it is very likely she has the most drawing power on the organization's roster. Bearing that in mind, it stands to reason that she commands quite a premium in sponsor dollars, and company president, Dana White has gone on record with a figure; over 3 million dollars.

That's right folks, Rousey is making that legendary "Anderson Silva money." In a recent interview with Jim Rome (transcribed by FOX Sports' Damon Martin), White had this to say on his most valuable asset, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey:

"She's the greatest athlete that I've ever worked with, period. I wish I had 10 Ronda Rouseys. She's laser focused on her career and what she wants to do. None of these guys want to do PR. She'll do any PR you ask her to do. She'll even do PR to try to help sell somebody else's fight. We need her to do things, a lot of activations with sponsors and she says 'No problem.' When she leaves, the sponsors call here and say she was unbelievable to work with. That woman's making over $3 million a year in sponsorship."

In this sport, we've all watched fighters come and go, and we've seen some start out the humble, well-loved hero only to turn into an unapproachable nightmare of ego and disdain. Money and fame can do a number on the nicest person, but White says this is not the case with Ronda.

"It's the exact opposite. The more rich and famous she becomes, the easier she is to work with. It's always the other way around. I can't explain it"