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Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones' immediate title shot: 'none of this makes sense'

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Former UFC dynamo Chael Sonnen criticizes Dana White's decision to grant Jon Jones with an immediate title shot upon return.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's been almost a month since news broke of Jon Jones' alleged hit-and-run incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During that time, the UFC announced their decision to strip their youngest ever champion of his light-heavyweight title and suspend him indefinitely. On Monday, Dana White confirmed that the troubled star will be granted with an immediate title shot upon his UFC return. One man who's been critical of the UFC's decisions regarding Jon Jones is Chael Sonnen. No stranger to controversy, Chael Sonnen was axed from the UFC's FOX Sports analyst team after failing a string of drug tests. Since his multiple drug test failures in 2014, Sonnen retired from the mixed martial arts arena but still remains a prominent figure in the sport.

The self-proclaimed Gangster from Oregon slammed the UFC for suspending Jones in April, and now he's criticizing their decision to welcome Jon back with an immediate title shot:

"If you put him in a title fight then none of this makes sense. It's the exact same spot he's in," Sonnen told MMAMania."He walks out to the ring without the belt and he walks away with the belt. Or, if he loses, he doesn't leave with the belt. That is the exact same thing that would've happened if he would've walked to the ring with the belt."

Jon Jones faces felony charges for fleeing the scene of a car crash that injured a 25-year-old pregnant woman, and it's expected that the former champ will be absent from the MMA arena for some time due to the incident.

One of Chael Sonnen's managers, Mike Roberts, recently hinted at a possible UFC comeback for the 'American Gangster' after he's served his NAC (Nevada Athletic Comission) suspension. Although Sonnen retired from mixed martial arts last year, the standout wrestler has quenched his competitive thirst by participating in Metamoris' BJJ events, and fought Renato Sobral to a draw two weeks ago.