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UFC 187: Weidman calls Belfort's test results 'quite the discovery'

Both champ and challenger have gone through multiple urine tests monitoring their testosterone levels and are within the NAC's allowed limits but Weidman isn't happy that Belfort is showing higher levels than he is.

Esther Lin

Although Vitor Belfort has been away from the sport for a year and a half and Testosterone Replacement Therapy use has been banned since 2013, he showed some surprising numbers on his pre-fight exams that came to surface this week, as reported by Combate.

Belfort's results are still within the allowed amount by the Nevada Athletic Commission. But he did get higher numbers than his opponent, Chris Weidman.

According to his test from March 16, Belfort showed 12 ng/mL of testosterone, and a 1:7 testosterone-epitestosterone ratio. Weidman was tested on March 30 and came back with 3.7 ng/mL and 0.13 on the T-E test.

Weidman was tested again on April 27 and had the exact same result for his testosterone test, while his T-E exam showed 0,092.  Belfort was tested the day after and showed 5 ng/ml on the testosterone test and 1.5 on the T-E exam. The maximum amount of testosterone allowed by the NAC is 6:1.

Angry at the results, Weidman raised suspicion on how an opponent eight years older than him could get higher results.

"Seriously? So I'm 30 and he's what, 38? Screw the T-E levels, how does he go from 12 ng/ml to 5 ng/ml? That's crazy. I'm not worried, I will still have to beat him anyway. It's just funny and quite the discovery." Chris said during UFC's media day.

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Belfort, however, was not worried at all and took his time to explain the situation.

"My tests are perfect. To be honest, the NAC runs the tests, mine were all right and so were his and here we are.  My condition, hypogonadism, means my glands do not produce testosterone anymore. There's nothing I can do to change that.  When I was on TRT, my levels were normal. But today, I'm not worried about it anymore, I'm focused on what I can control," said Belfort, who was on TRT from 2011 to 2013.

Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort will square off for the UFC middleweight belt at UFC 187 in Las Vegas this Saturday, May 23.