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Donald Cerrone sympathizes with Jon Jones, talks about being assaulted by angry driver

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Ahead of his clash with John Makdessi at UFC 187 this Saturday, Donald Cerrone fields questions from reporters and compares his own troubles with Jon Jones'.

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Since news broke of Jon Jones' felony charges for an alleged hit-and-run last month, heated emotions have spilled onto the MMA sphere as fighters and fans have jousted among each other to either scorn or sympathize with the former light-heavyweight champion. Jon's neglect behind the wheel has resulted in a 25-year-old pregnant woman breaking her arm, which has prompted Jones' idol and friend, Anderson Silva, to urge the 27-year-old to 'change everything in his life'. Shortly after the incident, the UFC announced their decision to strip Jones of his light-heavyweight title and suspend the troubled star indefinitely.

The latest fighter to speak up on Bones' run-in with the law is fellow Greg Jackson teammate, Donald Cerrone. 'Cowboy' embraced the media onslaught on Monday for the lead-up to his UFC 187 booking with John Makdessi - here's what the 155 lbs. contender makes of Jon Jones' controversy:

"OK, so this is my talk on Jon Jones," Cerrone said. "Had the cameras and the spotlight been on me when I was doing all my screwing up, it would've been. ... I would have been in a lot of trouble. People would have been like, 'Oh, God, he's a degenerate. He's an idiot. Jon is just young. He's got a lot of money and making the mistakes. Sure, he should he have hired a driver, absolutely. But he didn't and now he's in the public eye and it's tough," Cerrone said at ZUFFA headquarters.

Cerrone believes that with age comes wisdom and maturity, as the developing 32-year-old contender described a recent experience he had with an infuriated driver. The Albuquerque resident was crossing the road while texting head-down on his phone, which followed with the screeching horn of a nearby driver. As the UFC star and his fiancee made their way to their car, the enraged driver was waiting for them: red-faced and with clenched fists. The road raged driver proceeded to punch Cerrone, as Cowboy explained to the media:

"I was [expletive] livid - seeing fire in my eyes," he recalls. "I look at Lindsay...but now, where I'm at, I just bit the bullet. I told the dude, 'You know, this is your lucky day.' He says, 'Oh yeah! I bet it's my [expletive] lucky day!' I was like, 'Dude, if you touch me again, I can't control it. I'm gonna bite this bullet and I'm gonna drive away.' We got in the car and left."

Cerrone references the experience as a testament to his patience in troubling situations, and believes that Jon, too, can learn from his past mistakes and grow and evolve as a human being:

"I've definitely made bad decisions," Cerrone said. "He's gonna bounce back."

Donald Cerrone will look to net his 8th straight win in the Octagon this Saturday at UFC 187, a potential victory that will undoubtedly lead to a title shot and rematch with reigning lightweight champ, Rafael dos Anjos.

(Transcripts via Yahoo Sports!)