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Matt Mitrione on 'knucklehead' and 'hypocrite' Jon Jones' hit-and-run incident

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UFC heavyweight contender Matt Mitrione weighs in on Jon Jones' recent run-in with the law.

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Jon Jones' recent altercation with the law, which resulted in a pregnant lady suffering a broken arm due to his negligence behind the wheel, has sent shockwaves throughout the MMA community.

Fighters and fans alike have chimed in to either support or scorn the former light-heavyweight champ for his actions. The UFC decided to strip Bones of his 205 lb. title on Tuesday evening and Matt Mitrione thinks it was a good choice. The former NFL player pulled back no punches when he slammed Jones on mmadigest:

"I understand that mixed martial arts is a baby, right, and it's still growing. We strive to do good things like drug testing and stuff like this and then you just get a knuckle head - who's just a remarkable amount of a hypocrite and says so many things - 'I got a bible tattooed on my chest and I'm a great person' and bla bla bla, and then you're hitting people when they're on their way to church and you hit a pregnant woman. You leave your car and you run out  then you run back to grab cash and probably some drugs and run off again and don't even check on the people you hit - it sucks man, it just sucks. It's such a black eye, it's a black eye for the sport. I really do feel like Dana White and the UFC did the right thing - it's a private company and if you acted like a jerk, you're getting served up for it," Mitrione said.

Meathead continued by explaining how Jones' former teammate and opponent Rashad Evans feels like Jones has been setting himself up for disaster:

"I was speaking to Rashad Evans and a couple of other dudes and Rashad was like, 'y'know, I think it might be a habit for him, like it might be a ritual'. So maybe he was doing it for a while, for a little bit, and now he kinda feels like it's superstition almost - it was an interesting perspective," Mitrione concluded.

Daniel Cormier has stepped in as a replacement for Jon Jones and will face Anthony Johnson for the light-heavyweight strap at UFC 187 on May 23rd while Matt Mitrione is set to lock horns with Big Ben Rothwell for UFC Fight Night 68 on June 6th.

Jon Jones is facing felony charges for his hit-and-run incident last Sunday - BloodyElbow will update you with the latest news on Jon's ongoing case.