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Chris Weidman talks weight cutting, punching everyone in the face with Katie Nolan

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Chris Weidman was recently a guest on Garbage Time with Katie Nolan and told the world that he wants to punch Justin Bieber in the face. And Floyd Mayweather. And lots of other people.

It's rare that two things I like so much come together like this, but this is a good day. Today, I get to write about both MMA and Katie Nolan. Nolan is the host of Garbage Time on FS1, and I find her very humorous. She was joined by UFC middleweight champion and fellow Hofstra alum Chris Weidman recently, and the two had an amusing time discussing a wide variety of topics. One of those just happened to be punching a lot of celebrities in the face.

First though, he talked about his UFC 187 title defense against Vitor Belfort and Belfort's steroid busts. He then moved on to weight cutting, saying that he's at 205 right now and will lose about 10 pounds in the day before the weigh-ins. He also explains a bit about how he cuts weight.

After some banter about his nickname (he tried to disown it a long time ago but nobody listened) and who headlined some past UFC events, they got to Punch Drunk Love. This is where Katie gives her guest three people, and he has to pick which one he loves, which one he wants to get drunk with, and which one he wants to punch in the face. The first set of three - Ronda Rousey, The Rock, Floyd Mayweather. Predictably, he loves Ronda, wants to drink with Dwayne Johnson, and wants to punch Floyd in the grill.

A second set of three then came out - Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West. After tepidly making his selections and making it very clear he wanted to punch Bieber, he came to the realization that most of us have as well - he kind of wants to punch all of them in the face.

Amen, Mr. Weidman. Amen.