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Elias Theodorou on Sam Alvey's challenge: 'He’s looking for my hair but I’m coming for his teeth'

Elias Theodorou was none too pleased with Sam Alvey's idea of a hair vs. hair, loser shaves, matchup. Instead he's got a trade that he thinks is more fitting of each man's signature style.

One of the more interesting stories to come out of UFC Fight Night: Miocic vs. Hunt was the one sided beating that "Smilin" Sam Alvey put on Dan Kelly. Or rather, it's the post fight interview that Alvey gave in which, with a huge grin plastered over his face, he called out Elias Theodorou... and most particularly Elias Theodorou's hair. Eventually that idea got boiled down to a hair vs. hair matchup, loser shaves their head. But, to hear Elias Theodorou tell it, that's not really a fight he's interested in. At least not with Sam Alvey's hair on the line.

Theodorou's hair has its own twitter account, it's a signature part of his image. So, as Theodorou reasoned in a recent interview to Submission Radio, Alvey should put his signature on the line, or more specifically, his teeth.

"First of all, I would not lose because I don't lose. Secondly, his hair is nothing compared to mine. If anything, he's looking for my hair but I'm coming for his teeth. So that's all I'm saying."

As to whether that might be the next fight on his radar, Theodorou sounded like there was a possibility, but only if Alvey is willing to wait a while:

"Again, no real rush. I'm looking to just be a completely different fighter next time you guys see me, and that's what I've done in all my fights before that. You get a little glimpse of my potential; and potential is one of the worst words in athletics, because if you're at your potential it means you're not doing what you could be doing. So I wanna again, not put any time limits, but there might be some talks in September, October,that there might be a Canadian card. If that pans out I'd love to be on a Canadian card and fight in front of my people, my fans, my Country; and whoever that is [against] honestly it doesn't matter 'cause I'm gonna do what I always do, win."

Of course, Sam Alvey wasn't the only topic on offer. Theodorou also took some time to consider just who should be in an official UFC calendar.

"It really depends on how much fun we want to have with it. Well obviously Lyoto Machida and Luke Rockhold just fought for February, and Luke is going to be Mr. Valentine's day himself. Christmas; who wouldn't love to take home - I want to be careful what I say here (laughs) - who wouldn't want Santa Felice Herrig giving you a present? Or she's dressed up with one of her lovely strawweight sexy elves. And then you have potentially Alistair Overeem as Mr July. That could be pretty steamy. And honestly you could have so much more fun with it. I leave it up to you."

Check out the rest of the interview as there's a lot more in there.