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Carlos Condit: Jon Jones is still training, told me 'I'm going to be back'

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Carlos Condit was on the MMA Hour last week and while there he dropped a little knowledge about where Jon Jones is at these days, telling Ariel Helwani that the former light heavyweight champ is coming back.

While Jon Jones' manager may not be so sure of the LHW champ's return to fighting, following his arrest on felony charges for his involvement in a hit and run accident that sent a pregnant woman to the hospital, it sounds like Jon Jones is a little more determined that he will be making a comeback to the UFC. Carlos Condit appeared on a recent episode of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwaini. While there, he revealed that Jones has been back in training a bit, and that Jones told him that he'd be back in the cage at some point. (transcription via MMAFighting)

"Jon's been around the gym a little bit, which is good. I like to see him down there. It's a crazy situation that he's going to have to deal with. I think having him in gym doing what he does best, training and trying to keep that side of his life going, is a good thing. [I] Talked to him briefly, but not about incident but about situation. He said, I'll be back, I'm going to be back. I believe him, there's no doubt. I think there's a good chance. In his mind he's fighting again."

Of course, standing between Jon Jones and any potential return is a court battle and potentially a civil suit as well, which Dana White alluded to in a recent Off the Record interview, although no records of the suit have been made public. At the moment, no court date for Jones' charges has been set, stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more news and updates.