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Frankie Edgar feels he was 'stepped over' by title challenger Conor McGregor

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Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar discusses how Conor McGregor leapfrogged over top-ranked divisional contenders to secure his position as a challenger to Jose Aldo's featherweight throne.

Since handing Urijah Faber his first ever non-title fight defeat on Saturday afternoon at UFC Fight Night 66, a daring, more vocal Frankie Edgar emerged from Fight Night's main event. The New Jersian took to the microphone in the post-fight interview with poise and charge, demanding a title shot from UFC boss, Dana White. Frankie Edgar's usual reserved self was traded for a sharp-tongued, determined contender with his sights dead set on reclaiming promotional gold.

The 5 ft 6" competitor continued his campaign for a title shot on The MMA Hour yesterday. The former lightweight champ believes Dana White was ok with Irishman, Conor McGregor leapfrogging over Edgar for a shot at the 145 lbs. title despite trailing behind 'The Answer' in the official UFC rankings:

"Listen, when me and Cub (Swanson) were fighting, Cub was pretty much promised the next title shot if he beat me. So, you know, what does that mean? He's promised the next title shot, so if I beat him, I should get it, right? ... Then after I fought and beat Cub, he pretty much kind of told me that, most likely, if McGregor wins he's going to get the title shot. He didn't say it exactly, but in not so many words, he told me, ‘but you never know, maybe (Dennis) Siver could beat him.' So if Siver beat him, that implied I was going to get the title shot. So I felt like he knew I got stepped over a little bit with McGregor, and here I am, I just blanked out Urijah — he owes me a title shot," Edgar said.

The win over Team Alpha Male leader, Urijah Faber on Saturday marked Edgar's fourth straight win in the Octagon since falling short to featherweight kingpin, Jose Aldo at UFC 156. The #2 ranked featherweight competitor will look to recapture UFC gold from either Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor after UFC 189's featherweight extravaganza on July 11.