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Dillashaw wants champ vs. champ superfight after Barao: I would beat McGregor or Aldo

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UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw revealed that his main goal once he dispatches Renan Barao is to lock in a champ vs. champ superfight against the featherweight titleholder.

With the UFC 189 PPV event gradually nearing, several fighters are preparing themselves to salvage any of the remains of the featherweight title fight between champ Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. While Aldo has been unbeatable since joining the UFC, many have anointed the brash Irishman as the man who will usurp the Brazilian's title in July.

Sitting as a curious observer one division below them is bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, who is yet to determine who he believes will win the highly anticipated featherweight showdown. While it is difficult to pick against a champion as dominant as Aldo, Dillashaw also believes McGregor is a legitimate threat to his title reign.

"I think it's going to be a really close fight actually," Dillashaw told Submission Radio. "I think Aldo is the better all around fighter and that he's the one that can beat more guys in the weightclass, but I think that McGregor has a style to match up against Aldo. Aldo's always been known to stay on his feet even though he's got a good decent ground game. I feel that McGregor has got the right distance, he's a big 145 pounder. I like that he's a southpaw against Aldo. I think that's what's going to give him a lot of trouble and it's going to be a close fight. I'm predicting that Aldo is going to tough it out. He's been in those wars so he's going to know how to continue to push and beat him, but it's going to be close. I mean McGregor is bringing a lot of confidence to the table and the right kind of style to beat Aldo."

Apart from observing the two fighters out of intrigue, Dillashaw has a plan that involves the UFC 189 title fight victor. If he gets past his upcoming rematch against Renan Barao, he would like to focus his efforts on a champion vs. champion fight against either Aldo or McGregor.

"I would love to do a champion vs. champion fight. That's like my next goal. The goal was to become best in the world in my weightclass and I've done it. I need to obviously stay dominant and hold my belt and continue to do so, but I would love to in the future fight champion vs. champion and go up a weight class and do that. That's my main goal now."

Asked to predict the outcome of the potential superfight, Dillashaw was quick to suggest that he would defeat either Aldo or McGregor.

"Well obviously I'm going to believe in myself and I'm going to win that fight. I feel that I can hold my own with him striking. I know that he's a big 145 pounder so his reach will give me a little bit of trouble, but you know, to work my way in and use my wrestling pedigree. I think I'd be able to wear him out and keep him guessing and I would win that fight against McGregor or Aldo. "Whoever is going to win the fight, I would beat either of them."

Transcription taken from Submission Radio.