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UFC Fight Night 66: Fights to make for the main card fighters

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Tim B takes a look at who the UFC Fight Night 66 main card combatants should meet in their next bouts.

Dondi Tawatao/Getty Images

UFC Fight Night 66 is in the books, and the top three fights were all pretty one-sided. That didn't necessarily make for a bad event, but it wasn't exactly as action-packed as last week's show in Australia despite having more top-end talent. But where do these guys go from here? The main event result left many questions open, while the other two top fight results are a little easier to sort out. So without further ado, let's get to it.

Note - I'm leaving off the bottom two fights on the main card, because I don't think many people care where Philipe Nover or Levan Makashvili go next. Sorry.

Frankie Edgar - I would dearly love to see Frankie drop to 135. He would totally clean out that division without much trouble, considering what he just did to Faber. That doesn't look to be in the cards though, so I think you have to give him the winner of the Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor title bout in July. I'd eventually like to see him fight Chad Mendes, but I don't think this is the right time. Mendes had his second shot and lost. Frankie hasn't had his yet, and he has earned it. So let him take on the UFC 189 winner.

Urijah Faber - Does he stay at 145 after that? There's no shame in losing to the guy that I feel is number 2 in the world at featherweight, but do you really want to stay in a division with a bunch of guys that are bigger than you? Then again, Faber has fought pretty much everybody at 135. Would they stick him in there against new bantamweight John Lineker? Could Faber be a comeback fight for Michael McDonald? Maybe they fast-track Aljamain Sterling into a tough fight with Faber? I'm really not sure. Of those three, Mayday seems the most likely if he's healthy relatively soon. Note - I forgot that Mayday's last fight was against Faber. I'm not so smart sometimes. Maybe he should just go write another book and want for re-animated Dominick Cruz to come back.

Gegard Mousasi - He sort of asked to fight Michael Bisping, so why not? That seems pretty perfect in terms of rankings and it's a great fit to see who's truly relevant at the top of the division still.

Costas Philippou - The guy Bisping beat last was C.B. Dollaway, and he's a logical next fight for Philippou. I don't normally do this sort of A-to-B matchmaking in these things, but it makes sense here.

Mark Munoz - This one's pretty simple - Munoz is retiring. Good on him for going out on his own terms and with a nice win.

Luke Barnatt - He could be looking at a pink slip after losing three in a row. Two were splits, but this was nowhere near that. If they do give him another bout, make it a rematch against TUF 17 opponent Dylan Andrews. They've both lost their last three and it'd be the ideal loser leaves town match.

Neil Magny - With seven wins in a row (and finishes in his last three), it's time to give him a big step up in competition. The winner of the Rick Story vs. Erick Silva fight at the TUF Brazil 4 Finale seems like an ideal test for him.

Hyun Gyu Lim - He will almost assuredly be saved for the November card in South Korea, and it's likely he'll be given a winnable fight. I'd like to see him face another guy that lost to Magny recently, Kiichi Kunimoto.