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Did UFC Manila fighter make a rape reference about Lloyd Irvin?

Social media was buzzing during UFC Manila after fans and pundits mistakenly identified the logo on a UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Faber fighter's shorts as a shot at Lloyd Irvin's rape accusations.

Anton Tabuena

When the UFC's Jon Delos Reyes showed up for his fight against Roldan Sangcha-An with a set of fight shorts that read "Avoid Lloyd" and sported a picture of a bear in a gi, some assumptions got made. Most notably that Delos Reyes was taking a stand against accused rapist Lloyd Irvin and his involvement in MMA, or more notably the UFC. Fans and media members took to social media to point out the shorts and stand by Delos Reyes for making his statement.

Good on Delos Reyes if that was his intention, but it doesn't look like it was. Instead it's a reference to this guy, friend of Delos Reyes and BJJ grappler, Lloyd "Avoid da Lloyd" Cubacub. You can even see the tiny "The" in the graphic on this picture of Delos Reyes' sponsors.

Does that mean you should stop rooting for Jon Delos Reyes now? Of course not. It just means that him taking a hard stance on the relationship between the UFC and Lloyd Irvin isn't one of the reasons why.