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UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Faber full fight video highlights

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Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC: Manila main event between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber.

The UFC arrived in Manila for the first time in its storied history and brought with it a highly anticipated super fight between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber.

Check out Mookie Alexander's play-by-play for the fifth round:

Round 5: Faber surely needs a finish and he instead gets caught with a counterpunch. Edgar again lands with a right after evading a kick. Faber throws a left to the body and misses. Left by Edgar is avoided. Faber hits Edgar with a right but Edgar lands an uppercut that snapped Urijah's head back. Edgar capitalizes on Faber overcommitting and takes him down once again. Faber to his feet but he's down again. Urijah is so hard to keep down. Two minutes left and Faber desperately needs an offensive onslaught.

Very good right by Faber but he doesn't follow up with anything. Edgar then answers (get it?) with an uppercut. Edgar slips throwing a kick but he's back to his feet, tries a knee pick takedown and can't get it. Overhand right followed up with a right uppercut for Edgar. Faber lands a couple of rights but Edgar isn't hurt at all. Ten seconds to go. Edgar tries a spinning wheel kick. Faber doesn't have any sense of urgency. That's a wrap. They embrace at the center of the Octagon.