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Video: Nick Diaz balance training in Venice Beach

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Watch as controversial UFC star Nick Diaz trains in California's hotspot, Venice Beach.

Despite Nick Diaz's absence from the mixed martial arts realm due to his failed drug test for marijuana metabolites at UFC 183 with Anderson Silva, the proud Stockton native still keeps fighting fit all year round.'s Layzie The Savage caught footage of the combination puncher honing his craft in Venice Beach, California. Check out the video above.

The Californian is known for his remarkable athletic endurance, as the long distance runner often participates in triathlon competitions and other extreme fitness activities, such as the Alcatraz swimming challenge. Diaz's heavy stamina training translates to the Octagon as an unrelenting barrage of Stockton slaps, as the former Strikeforce welterweight champ often overwhelms his opponents with flurries of punching combinations.

Recent reports have surfaced revealing that Nick Diaz passed two out of three of his drug tests on the night of UFC 183. Bizarrely, the 31-year-old failed one test prior to his scrap with Silva but then passed the concluding test after the bout finished. The irregular test results have prompted the Ceaser Gracie Jiu-Jitsu student to hire a New York based law firm to challenge the testing inconsistencies.

Diaz, as well as his opponent Anderson Silva - who was also found with traces of andosterone and drostanolone (steroids), is scheduled to stand before the NSAC within the next two months.