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Corey Hill's wife says he's still alive despite UFC report of his death

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Despite reports of his death, including from, Ultimate Fighter and UFC veteran Corey Hill's wife says he's still battling for his life.

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UPDATE at 8:24 PM ET: Hill's wife has also denied his death to TMZ:

We just spoke with Corey's wife, Lauran Hill, who tells us Corey is still ALIVE ... despite a statement from the UFC which said Hill had passed earlier today.
Lauran says Corey is "resting and still alive" and they're praying he makes a full recovery.
"My husband is fighting for his life. We want him in everyone's prayers."
Lauran wouldn't comment on statements made earlier by Hill's close friends and other family members.

UPDATE at 6:59 PM ET: Friends and family of Corey Hill are denying the UFC's report of Corey Hill's death.

Former UFC lightweight and TUF 5 alum, Corey Hill has passed away earlier today due to complications stemming from fungal pneumonia, as confirmed by a prepared statement from the UFC. He leaves behind a wife and three children. Corey was 36 years old.

The UFC family mourns the tragic loss of Corey Hill, who passed away on May 14 due to complications from pneumonia at the age of 36. Fans will remember Corey for his time as a lightweight competitor who fought multiple times for the organization in 2008 and was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter season 5. UFC sends its condolences to the family and friends of Corey Hill.

According to a pair of tweets from MMA personality and ring card girl, Jennifer Swift, Hill has been battling fungal pneumonia for several weeks and had a lung removed. Within a two week period from then, the other lung collapsed and he was placed on life support, with no brain activity.

It should be noted that the attending hospital nurses are denying that Hill has died according to a tweet from MMA Fighting's Shaheen Al-Shatti:

The "Real Deal" had an entertaining start to his career via The Ultimate Fighter, but had lost his way professionally since his comeback in 2010, following a devastating leg break injury in late 2008 at UFC Fight for the Troops. He last fought in February of this year.

Our thoughts are with Corey's family, friends and fans during this difficult time.