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The MMA Vivisection - UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Faber picks, odds, & analysis

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Kid Nate hosts Zane Simon and Connor Ruebusch to talk UFC Fight Night Manila and break down all the fights on the card with their personal picks and insights.

Alright, no lies folks, UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Faber is a weak card. There are a few bright spots. Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Neil Magny is surefire entertainment, as is Gegard Mousasi vs. Costas Philippou and Frankie Edgar vs. Urijah Faber... In fact, if this were just a case of the main card, by itself, the card wouldn't be half bad, but the undercard is just a lot of uninteresting regional filler that it's hard to work up a lot of enthusiasm for, and this is from someone who works up a lot more enthusiasm than anyone has a right to. That said, we still gave this sucker a going over and looked at all the fights in as much depth as humanly possible.

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Here's the complete card as it stands, today:

FS1 Main Card
Gegard Mousasi vs. Costas Philippou
Mark Muñoz vs. Luke Barnatt
FS1 Prelim Card
Li Jingliang vs. Dhiego Lima
Fight Pass Prelims
Roldan Sangcha-An vs. Jon Delos Reyes