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Ken Shamrock on Kimbo Slice: 'That guy's not even in a league with me'

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Ken Shamrock was not a fan of some recent comments by Bellator 138 opponent Kimbo Slice at a press conference.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Ken Shamrock is unamused by Kimbo Slice. After a recent press conference in St. Louis to promote their carnival Bellator 138 bout, the UFC Hall of Famer was a tad fired up when speaking to MMA Junkie. Apparently he didn't like some of the things Mr. Ferguson had to say in regards to him. Here's a quote from the humorous interview:

"All the things that were said that just disrespected me. The guy’s not even in a league with me. I mean, I started from the beginning with bareknuckle. I fought four times in one night. I won Japan. I won The States. I’ve got some friggin’ poser up here standing and trying to be a tough guy, showing no respect whatsoever. He’s a punk. If I don’t finish him in the first round I’ll be disappointed with myself."

After this, he went on for 20 seconds or so talking about how Slice wouldn't step up to face him on the stage without having his guys there to get in the way. And he finished by calling him a "stupid...idiot".


Bellator 138 goes down on June 19th.