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Green power ranger will fight CM Punk for free: 'It's morphin' time buddy'

Jason David Frank, the man behind the green costume of the 1990's mega- tv hit, Power Rangers, launches a verbal onslaught targeting CM Punk.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't the first time a Might Morphin Power Ranger has called out former WWE livewire, CM Punk. Check out Anton Tabuena's run down of the green ranger's beef with Punk, as well as his compelling reasons as to why the UFC should book a green ranger vs. CM Punk spectacle.

CM Punk - real name, Phil Brooks - was recently quizzed by a fan on Jason David Frank's (the green ranger) call out of the WWE-turned-UFC signee. Here's Punk's reaction:

"This is a guy that's constantly chirping at me on social media but refuses to put my Twitter name in things, so, like, I would never see them anyway. I get what he's doing - it would be like now if I want after the actor that plays Green Arrow. If I went after him it would be like - 'do you think I should beat Casey Jones, wouldn't it be great if I beat Casey Jones....Like shut the f**k up! He's not gonna stop, I mean, I get it - I've had stalkers before, it's just f*****g old. And now we just gave him six more months of relevancy."

Since hearing Punks' response, Jason David Frank fired back with his own YouTube video - here's what the green ranger had to say:

"Yo, CM, this is a response to your video. First of all, I've done several shows with you're the one that started this, you're the one that went in front of the panel, making fun of power rangers. I've done two shows with you. We talked, you lied about your jiujitsu first of all, second of all, and then you go to tmz and you laugh it off like you don't know who I, am.

You tell me to eff off on your panel and then you give some stupid scenario about Green Arrow or whatever you're trying to get the point across, telling me I don't tag you on Twitter, telling me I'm a stalker...This is the fight world, dude. You have entered the UFC, you just put yourself on the line. Dude, I've been calling you out since before you were even thinking about MMA and you haven't responded. I like you, you're a good dude, but after watching your panel, it p****s me off.

This is not about me wanting your 'CM Punk money'. I give so much away to my fans, do you? Have you? The only person I want to see this video, is you, CM Punk. Everybody wants a piece of you and so do I - the difference is, I'll fight you for free, because I don't need money. You wish you had the JDF life. Let's shake hands after we fight, that's it, the bottom line. I got more experience than you buddy, you got no reason to say no. CM Punk, I still wanna fight, you're an alright dude, but until we see eye to eye, I'm gonna keep challenging you until you talk to me. Yea, it's morphin' time buddy."

Jason David Frank sports a 1-0 professional MMA record and went undefeated in his amateur career as a 4-0 competitor. The green ranger has been absent from the combat sports arena since 2010 due to acting roles, but the life long mixed martial arts practitioner would serve as a challenging and entertaining opponent for CM Punk's UFC debut.