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Renan Barao thinks T.J. Dillashaw talks too much, doesn't respect him as a champion

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Renan Barao doesn't respect T.J. Dillashaw as champion. The Brazilian thinks T.J. runs his mouth a little too much and believes his jiu-jitsu will bring the belt back to him this time.

Renan Barao
Renan Barao
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully for Renan Barao, the third time will be the charm as the former UFC bantamweight Champion awaits for his twice-postponed rematch against the man who snatched his belt, T.J. Dillashaw.

Barao, who took the time off to hone his skills even more at the famous Nova Uniao gym in Brazil, says his jiu-jitsu will make a difference when he faces Dillashaw again.

"I never stopped training, I was always prioritizing one aspect of my game over some other during the meantime", Barao told Tatame. " I took the time to improve my jiu-jitsu, I began training with a gi again, because it had been a while since I didn't train like that. I absorbed a lot of new techniques, because I train with some of the best guys in the world. If the fight hits the mat, things will get complicated for him".

Barao and Dillashaw have been talking trash back and forth during the whole course of the build up for their bout and though that is part of the game, Barao would like to make it clear he does see Dillashaw as a champion, even though he does not respect him.

"I never said I don't consider him the champion, all I said is I don't respect him. Not as a champion, at least. I'm going in there, we will fight and that will be it. He talks too much, so I don't respect him".

As for the fight itself, Barao is confident he will not be caught by that powerful punch that rung his bell in the opening round of their first match. According to Barao, that blow alone changed the whole course of the fight and it will not happen again.

"Honestly, that strike really put me behind in the fight.  If you look at his title defense, he wasn't able to do what he did to me. I'm relaxed, I know I'm fast enough to trade shots with him, but unfortunately I got caught and I was like a zombie from then on".

Dillashaw and Barao have been rescheduled to fight at UFC on Fox 16 on July 25, in Chicago.