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Ronda Rousey talks old Dana White relationship rumors in new book

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Ronda Rousey was on the latest edition of the MMA Hour to talk about her newly released autobiography and the topics in it. One of the big topics were the old rumors that she was dating Dana White.

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Ronda Rousey's career in the UFC has moved forward with lightning speed. it's hard to remember that she made her UFC debut just over two years ago in 2013. In fact, it's only been four years since she first stepped into a cage for her pro debut. Now, she's making the media rounds to push her new book, My Fight / Your Fight , all about her life growing up to be a Judo Olympian and the dramatic shift to a new career as an MMA fighter and eventual champion. She made an appearance on Monday's edition of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to talk about the book and the process of writing it with her sister.

One of the more interesting stories she shared about that process were some of the details about the start of her UFC career, or more specifically, old rumors about a relationship between her and Dana White. Rousey explained that the process to sign her over to the UFC from Strikeforce took a lot longer than expected, and as such she kept being asked to fly out to UFC events and appear with Dana White, on the off chance that a deal would get done and they could make the public announcement of her new contract.

Here's what Rousey had to say in response to Helwani's question of whether her sister prompted her to include those details:

"No, I just told the story the way that I told it. And that was one of the things on my mind, that I had to keep it a secret, for that long, that I was gonna be in the UFC. That was something I really had to go through. I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I'm terrible at deflecting things if someone is like, "Why are you here?" And I can't say why I'm there? I mean, that was a really frustrating time for me. To leave that out would be omitting the truth."

As for how she felt about it, it sounds like the experience was something of a mixed blessing:

"Yeah, it was annoying, but it was also kind of cool in that, you know, I was flying around on a private plane, being spoiled. But, it was annoying in that I kept getting built up and then let down and built up and let down. And it happened, like, three times until they surprised me."

So, there you have it. Dana White and Ronda Rousey were never an "item," they just spent a lot of time together waiting for the ink to dry on her first UFC contract. Rousey is currently waiting for her next title fight, at UFC 190 this August, against Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia.