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Mark Hunt: 'I took the beating like a man'

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UFC heavyweight slugger Mark Hunt reflects on his lopsided loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC Fight Night 65 last Saturday.

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The Super Samoan left the Adelaide Entertainment Centre bloodied, battered, but not beaten. Although surging contender Stipe Miocic pummeled Mark Hunt for almost 23 minutes during UFC Fight Night 65's main event billing on Saturday night, the New Zealander remains in high spirits and anticipates a return to the gym in just three weeks time. The former K-1 champ caught up with 3 News earlier today to discuss his crushing defeat:

"It was a hard night in the office, but I took the beating like a man. I got caught fighting with my energy levels down and you can't make this mistake at the top level.

There is nothing wrong with me, I just look bad. The UFC looks after you really well, checking you up, but I'm good. It's not an easy way to make a living, it was a hard night at the office, but I accept my outcome as a fighter.

I got beat down by Stipe, and it will take a couple of weeks before the bruising goes down and I'll be back to normal again. I'll be back to training in about three weeks," Hunt said.

The heavyweight titan has accumulated a whopping 66 fights since embarking on a fighting career in 1998. Hunt has battled in a boxing ring, a kickboxing ring and the steeled Octagon over his 17-year stint in the gladiatorial arena of combat sports, and now, at 41-years of age, the hardened veteran continues to soldier on in the UFC.

Perhaps a rematch with former Pride competitor Alistair Overeem will entice the Super Samoan for a future bout.