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Stipe Miocic: Mark Hunt told the ref he was 'fine'

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The man on the dealing side of last weekend's dominant, one-sided beating doesn't have any problems with how the ref handled it, and doesn't seem to think Mark Hunt did either.

There was no shortage of controversy on Saturday night as local fans watched an Australian MMA icon get beat to a fine jelly for what felt like a near eternity. Fans wanted the fight stopped, media wanted the fight stopped, just about everyone wanted the show closed early... except for the three men in the cage and the ringside physician. To hear Stipe Miocic tell it though, there wasn't any real controversy as far as either he or Mark Hunt were concerned.

Miocic spoke to Submission Radio about the fight, and most particularly about the late stoppage, saying "You know what? Not my decision. Mark's like one of the most durable guys, he's got a great chin, you know and that's what the ref probably thought too, and I remember one time he did say 'I'm fine.' He said literally 'I was fine' in the middle of the fight."

He also went on to say that, were he in a similar situation and his corner had the opportunity to stop the fight, he '"would never let them throw in the towel." So while even many fighters, on Twitter, were saying that the fight should be stopped and that someone should throw in the towel, it appears neither Stipe, nor his opponent felt that it was necessary.