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Quinton Rampage Jackson: 'Dana..put me back in there man!'

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UFC light-heavyweight slugger Quinton Rampage Jackson is primed and ready for a quick return to the Octagon after his win over Fabio Maldonado at UFC 186.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off his dominant win over Fabio Maldonado at UFC 186 last month, former light-heavyweight champ and MMA legend Rampage Jackson has the itch for an Octagon return. The 36-year-old thoroughly outboxed his Brazilian opponent in the co-main event billing of Johnson vs. Horiguchi and is now poised for another fun matchup in the near future. The Memphis-born Jackson took to Instagram in an effort to publicize his interest in another bout:

Dana.. put me back in there man! I'm ready 4 some moe! #UFC

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Before merging back with the UFC in December, Jackson conquered the Bellator Season 10 light-heavyweight tournament in May, 2014, collecting a win over King Mo Lawal to earn his LHW crown in the final and also netting victories over Joey Beltran and Christian M'Pumbu in previous encounters.

While Jackson is primed and ready for another battle in the UFC's Octagon, the Californian must endure another type of battle in the coming months: a legal conflict with the brass at Bellator. Rampage chose to suddenly terminate his contract with Bellator not long after emerging as their light-heavyweight tournament victor, prompting the company to pursue legal against the outspoken star. Bellator's legal minions successfully managed to file an injunction to prevent Jackson from competing at UFC 186 in the weeks leading up the event, but the UFC reversed the decision, reallocating his co-main event slot.

Perhaps the former champ ought to pursue a rematch with long-time nemesis Rashad Evans or seek vengeance on Mauricio Shogun Rua after their historic Pride encounter in 2005.