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Ronda Rousey autobiography details father's suicide, 'pot and Vicodin habit', MMA rise

The UFC superstar opens up in her new book "My Fight/Your Fight" and reveals the darker side of her rise to fame and fortune including time spent drinking vodka for breakfast and living in her car.

UFC women's bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey has a new book coming out on May 12 and she's making the media rounds to tease it. Based on this extended feature in the New York Post, it looks like the woman has an incredible tale to tell.

The book is called My Fight / Your Fight.

Here's a couple of juicy bits from the NY Post piece.

She talks about her father's suicide.

"When Rousey was 8, her father killed himself, committing suicide by asphyxia in the family garage while Ronda and her sister Jennifer watched Nickelodeon in the living room. He had suffered chronic, acute back pain since a freak accident a few years before, but no one saw it coming."

Her post-Olympic, pre-MMA life style.

"Rousey began smoking and drinking heavily, often beginning her day with a cigarette and a vodka espresso. She developed a pot-and-Vicodin habit. She'd sleep in her car, and when she did find an apartment, all she could afford was a 12-by-12-foot studio."

And much much more. Read the article. Buy the book.