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Renan Barao: T.J. Dillashaw is 'not a champion, he's a joker'

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Say hello to the new and grim-faced Renan Barao.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember the old Renan Barao? The one that always had a smile on his face, never had a bad thing to say? Well, that old Renan Barao is gone. For years, the Brazilian bantamweight standout has not tasted defeat and impressively fought his way to a UFC title in 2011. But since he has lost the belt to T.J. Dillashaw in a shocking upset last year, it seems, he has also lost his smile. The new Renan Barao is grim, scowling and very outspoken.

In a recent media scrum ahead of his rematch with Dillashaw at UFC on FOX 16 on July 25 in Chicago, Barao said:

"T.J. Dillashaw had one defense of the title and he thinks he's the best champion in the world. [...] I don't like him, because he talks a lot of sh*t. He's not a champion -- he's a joker." (via MMA Fighting)

Barao lost the title to Dillashaw at UFC 173 in May, an immediate rematch was set for August, but Barao failed to make the weight and was removed from the card only one day before the event. Dillashaw eventually beat late replacement and UFC newcomer Joe Soto. Later, he found harsh words for Barao's lack of professionalism and questioned the Brazilian's right to exist in the UFC's bantamweight division on numerous occasions.

Barao is sure, something like that won't happen again. After making some tweaks to his diet, he is ready to "bring the belt back to Brazil." The staredown between the two that wrapped up their media event was quite an intense one.  The new Renan Barao later explained:

"I looked in his eyes just to tell him, 'I will kick your ass."