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Kirkland's former trainer Ann Wolfe comments on 'f***ed up' Canelo KO

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James Kirkland may not be training under Ann Wolfe any more, but that doesn't mean that Wolfe was taking any joy in watching her former protege take a beating at the hands of Canelo Alvarez.

John Gichigi/Getty Images

On Saturday night, James Kirkland and Canelo Alvarez put on a show. Or, to be more precise, Canelo Alvarez painted a picture of violence and James Kirkland was his canvas. The fight had its competitive moments, its back and forth action, but really Canelo set the tone early and then just waited for the perfect moment to finish the thing, clubbing Kirkland with a gorgeous overhand right for one of the prettiest KO's you'll see all year.

But that doesn't mean that everyone was enjoying the show. Kirkland's former trainer, Ann Wolfe spoke to HBO shortly after the knockout loss, and she kept it as real as ever:

"Tell what my emotion was? Was to see my family hold thier faces. To see my son... To see James like that, his mother upset like that, to see everybody upset, it wasn't a 'I told you so, I'm happy because that happened to you.' It was fucked up."

It's easy to forget on the end of a knockout like that, that there are going to be a bunch of people who were absolutely devastated to see it happen. Even in the world of combat sports, where everyone knows what they're getting in to, nobody wants to see someone they care about take a beating.