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Judge who didn't award any 10-8s in Miocic vs. Hunt also didn't do so for Bader vs. Perosh

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What will it take for judge Anthony Dimitriou to award a 10-8 round in an MMA fight? Apparently not anything Stipe Miocic did to Mark Hunt yesterday.

David Mariuz/Getty Images

The scorecards of the Stipe Miocic vs. Mark Hunt massacre from yesterday's UFC Fight Night main event in Australia weren't needed because of the 5th round stoppage, but there was one incredibly awful card turned in by judge Anthony Dimitriou that once again highlights MMA's problem of failing to appropriately score 10-8 rounds when it's clear as day. While Charlie Keech gave Miocic two 10-8s (rounds 3 and 4) and Barry Foley awarded one (for round 3), Dimitriou somehow had it 40-36 Miocic. That's right, Dimitriou gave four 10-9s in what was statistically the most lopsided five-round fight in UFC history.

FightMetric credited Miocic with 361 total strikes and 113 significant strikes to just 46 total strikes and 33 significant for Hunt. The 361 total strikes broke the record for most landed in a UFC fight, beating out Chael Sonnen's 320 against Anderson Silva in their first bout in 2010. Basically, Miocic AVERAGED more strikes landed (72) than Hunt managed in total in 22+ minutes. He was also credited with 6 takedowns out of 8 attempts, 5 passes, and also held Hunt to literally only connected on 4 significant strikes from round 3 to the bout's conclusion.

Dimitriou's decision to not award a 10-8, particularly for rounds 3 and 4, is remarkably incompetent scoring and something he has clearly made a habit out of. In December 2013, Ryan Bader throttled Anthony Perosh in fairly similar fashion en route to a unanimous decision win. Perosh was outlanded 156-11 in total strikes and 70-9 over the course of 15 minutes and gave up all 3 takedown attempts to Bader. In round 3, Bader battered Perosh 61-1 in total strikes. Dimitriou and fellow judge Greg Kleynjans (who reffed on yesterday's show) submitted 30-27s while Peter Hickmott scored a 10-8 2nd round.

The only common denominator between these two fights is that Perosh and Hunt were the home fighters.

If these beatdowns weren't enough for Dimitriou to write down a 10-9 then it seems that beating someone to an actual death is the only route to a 10-8 for him.