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UFC Exec reveals Sam Alvey’s spray-tan sponsor logo was against the promotion’s policy

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UFC fighter Sam Alvey entered the cage on Saturday night with a spray-tan sponsor logo, which is against UFC policy, according to an executive.

Sam Alvey may be known for his unrelenting smile during fights, but the UFC certainly wasn't smiling when they realized that the fighter had the words "Perfect Tan" spray-tanned onto his chest.

While Alvey would dispose of Daniel Kelly in the opening round, he was later informed that he had violated the UFC policy on sponsorships. Tom Wright, the UFC's executive for Canada, Australia amongst other locations, explained his reasoning in the post-fight press conference.

"Fighters definitely can't do that," Wright said. "It's against our policy. You can put your sponsors on your shorts. You can put your sponsors on your shorts, you can put your sponsors on your banner, but you can't put your sponsors on your body."

It appears the UFC attempted to remove the logo from Alvey's chest but were unable to. While a punishment was not dealt to Alvey, officials confirmed that he would not repeat the incident again.

"We didn't see it until before the fight," Wright said. "We tried to do something to remove it. It was unremovable. But we've spoken to Sam and he understands the situation. I guarantee it won't happen again."

Asked about the incident following his fight, Alvey explained that it was done as a joke to entertain viewers.

"Yeah I had "Perfect Tan" on my chest," Alvey told Submission Radio. "You know, I'm the most pale fighter in the UFC. I thought it was hilarious, the UFC did not, or maybe the commission didn't of Adelaide; either way I'm incredibly sorry. I didn't mean to break any rules. I swear it was not greasy. It was literally just a spray tan that said "Perfect Tan" on the guy who is not perfectly tanned."

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