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UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Miocic results and post-fight analysis

Tim B. takes a look at tonight's surprisingly entertaining UFC Fight Night card in Adelaide, Australia.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Stipe Miocic put a brutal beating on Mark Hunt in the main event of tonight's UFC Fight Night event in Adelaide. Hunt looked decent early, but Miocic smartly used takedowns and his own body weight to tire Hunt out quickly. Miocic probably should have got a stoppage in the third round, but the referee let Hunt continue only because it would disappoint the crowd with a stoppage, I think.

The fourth was more of the same, but Miocic didn't do as much damage. Either way, this was one of those fights where a good cornerman would throw in the towel so his fighter could see another day. Of course, this is MMA, so that almost never happens. The doctor was the same way - he clearly couldn't see, but they couldn't possibly stop the fight for that reason. It's the main event. The crowd would be mad. So, it continued.

Finally, mercifully, in the fifth, Miocic pounded on Hunt until the referee had absolutely no choice but to bring an end to the fight. As Kenny Florian said on the broadcast, sometimes guys with that much heart can be a bad thing. And Mark Hunt has a lot of heart.

Miocic fought the smart fight, even if the crowd didn't like it. And I commend him for that. He thoroughly dominated a guy that just fought for the title, and it was probably the best performance of his career.

  • Robert Whittaker has an absolutely lethal left hook. I don't think the guy is a major contender or anything, but man, the accuracy he has with that thing is off the charts. Beating down Brad Tavares like that was extremely impressive.
  • When Anthony Perosh gets in the cage, you know it's not going the distance - he's either clubbering someone right away, or someone's clubbering him. This time, it was Sean O'Connell that went hippo hunting, and it was over in 53 seconds.
  • O'Connell definitely won the award for best post-fight interview of the night. "I wrote a book guys. Really. Go buy it, you'll love it."
  • Jake Matthews looks like a pretty talented guy, but he just got caught. That was a very nice guillotine finish from James Vick and there was very little hope for escape from Matthews.
  • Hatsu Hioki was pretty much having his way with Daniel Hooker. Until he wasn't. A perfectly-timed head kick caught Hioki right in the neck, sending him sprawled out on the mat. Remember when Hioki was viewed as a surefire title challenger when he came into the UFC? That seems like so long ago now.
  • I wouldn't call it a robbery, but Kyle Noke's decision win over Jonavin Webb was highly suspect. I had Webb winning 30-27, and I didn't see any way that Noke won two rounds. But it wasn't a big enough fight to get all that heated about.
  • Sam Alvey has crazy power. He sent Dan Kelly sprawling across the cage looking like Velasquez-era Brock Lesnar. I appreciate his fighting style and his charisma, but it's hard to forget that the guy lost a decision to Tom Watson not that long ago.
  • Bec Rawlings showed a ton of aggression against Lisa Ellis, and it paid off. Ellis is slick but she was way too sloppy going for things and it cost her.
  • The rest of the card was okay. Brad Scott got dropped twice but still managed to finish Dylan Andrews. Alex Chambers was getting dusted for two and a half rounds before pulling off a sensational comeback win by submission. Very nice work on the ground. Brendan O'Reilly and Vik Grujic alternated between standnbang and boring clinch work for their whole fight. And wow, Ben Nguyen has some pop for a flyweight.