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UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Miocic results - Stipe Miocic dominates, stops Mark Hunt in final round

See the result of the main event between Mark Hunt and Stipe Miocic at UFC Fight Night in Adelaide, Australia.

David Mariuz/Getty Images

Believe it or not, Mark Hunt and Stipe Miocic were the first of any of the top 5 UFC heavyweights (plus Cain Velasquez) to compete in the Octagon this year, and they took center stage in the main event of UFC Fight Night at Australia's Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Miocic had the early takedown on Hunt but Hunt returned to his feet in the opening 30 seconds. Both men traded good but not overly powerful strikes, with Miocic catching Hunt with a short left hook and Hunt measuring with his jab and throwing out his own lethal left hook. Miocic's 2nd takedown attempt was successful and he was able to land short elbows on Hunt from half-guard. The pro-Hunt crowd booed the ground work but Miocic needn't care as he continued to fire away at Hunt's face. Stipe looked for a kimura but Hunt fended it off, returned to his feet and clocked Miocic with a hard right hand to end the 1st round.

Hunt overcommitted to a lunging left hook which led to an easy takedown for Miocic, who had him against the cage inching ever so close to getting his back. Miocic pounded him with more punches before Hunt stood back up. A hard right hand hurt Hunt and another one forced him to retreat. It was a dominant 2nd round for Miocic who threw uppercuts, standing elbows, and knees to keep Hunt off of his game. As ever, the danger of Hunt's left hand was felt by Miocic who was clocked with that punch in a late exchange that got a rise out of the crowd.

More of the same in round 3 as Miocic changed levels and drove Hunt to the ground and into half-guard. Heavy elbows bounced Hunt's head off the canvas and Miocic continued to stay active with repeated strikes to Mark's noggin. The referee told Hunt to improve his position. He got back to his feet only to be taken down again. Miocic mounted Hunt this time and unloaded a series of hammerfists and right hands as Hunt was too exhausted and seemingly too overpowered to get up one final time. Relentless strikes continued as the referee threatened to stop the fight but a bloodied and battered Hunt would see a 4th round.

Rinse and repeat for round 4 after Hunt landed a right hand but it clearly had no zip on it. Miocic dumped Hunt to the floor for the umpteenth time and continued to batter him while maintaining dominant position. Hunt did come back to his feet one more time only to eat a massive left hand that added to the disfiguration of his face. The doctor stepped in at the end of the 4th to check on Hunt's grotesquely swollen right eye. Sadly, the fight continued.

Round 5 began with another quick takedown, a repeat of the previous four rounds, only this time the final series of unanswered blows forced John Sharp to mercifully call an end to this massacre with nearly 2 minutes left in the final round. The disappointed crowd's "stand them up!" request before the stoppage was denied.

Official result: Stipe Miocic (13-2 MMA, 7-2 UFC) def. Mark Hunt (10-10-1 MMA, 5-4-1 UFC)  via TKO (punches) at 2:47 of round 5

It's a return to the win column for Miocic after he lost a competitive showdown with Junior dos Santos in December. For Hunt, it's his second straight defeat and the single worst beating of his career. How neither the referee nor the corner stopped this sooner should be subject to heavy scrutiny, because this was a full-stop mauling.

Stay tuned for more post-fight coverage of UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Miocic including the post-fight press conference, bonuses, highlights, and interview.