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Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight earnings: Mayweather to make $5 million per minute

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Floyd Mayweather is going to make a lot of money Saturday night. Like, A LOT. How much? Take a look in this breakdown.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 2, live on PPV, Floyd Mayweather faces Manny Pacquiao in boxing's Fight of the Century. Here at Bloody Elbow, we have your full Mayweather vs Pacquiao coverage leading up to the fight.

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As we head into fight time, one word keeps coming up more and more: money. Not just money as in Money Mayweather, but money as in how much is going to be made on this fight. With tickets now selling on StubHub for as much as $87,000 (a steal compared to the $150,000 they were proved at earlier this week!), and both PPV and live gate revenue records looking to not simply be broken, but be completely shattered, one thing is very clear - a lot of people are going to make a lot of money on this fight.

Of course the man making the most will be Money himself, Floyd Mayweather. On Saturday night, Mayweather stands to make an astonishing $180 million. That is, of course, an all time high for boxing, and breaks the previous all time high of $80 million earned by (who else?) Floyd Mayweather for his fight with Canelo Alvarez. The folks at created a graph showing how this $180 million compares to other sport earnings, and it's pretty staggering. Take a look:

As the graph shows, on Saturday night, Mayweather will make more than the average earnings for an ENTIRE NFL or MLB team for an entire season. He'll also make more than an entire NBA team and NHL team put together.

Because Saturday is also the Kentucky Derby - another major sporting event, we looked to compare Mayweather's purse vs. the Derby winner. Whoever wins the Derby will take home $2,000,000 - a minuscule portion of Mayweather's pay. In fact, on Saturday night, Mayweather will take home more than the combined winnings of every single Kentucky Derby winner from 1880 to today, even with inflation included.

As for Pacquiao, he is a notch below Mayweather at $120 million, so will have to settle for making just slightly less than that average NFL team. As a point of comparison, Pacquiao made $20 million for his last fight against Chris Algieri.

If you break this down by minute, assuming the fight goes the distance, that means Mayweather will make $5 million for every minute of ring action Saturday night. Break it down further and he is making $83,333 per second.

Money Mayweather? Indeed.

Check out more on Mayweather and Pacquiao's earnings over at And join us at Bloody Elbow for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao coverage as we get ready for fight night, May 2, live on PPV.