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Zab Judah: Floyd Mayweather trains like he doesn’t have a dollar to his name

Former boxing champion Zab Judah discusses his sparring sessions with Floyd Mayweather ahead of Pacquiao superfight on Saturday.

Floyd Mayweather holds an undefeated 47-0 record in his illustrious boxing career, and while many of his accolades were due to his superior talent and ability against his foes, some have suggested that it is actually his hard work and dedication that has allowed him to maintain consistent success in the sport.

Most recently, Mayweather brought his former opponent Zab Judah as a sparring partner in preparation for his bout against Manny Pacquiao. Judah, who fought a competitive battle against Floyd back in 2006, could not believe how hard Floyd trains ahead of fights.

"Working with Floyd has been a pleasure," Judah told's Luke Thomas. "It was the opportunity to sit down and see what hard work and dedication looks like. It is something special to watch. You thought you worked hard, then you watch him and realize you've got to work harder."

Judah emphasized that Mayweather may be a multi-millionaire, but he trains as though his livelihood depends on his next fight purse.

"Even when fighting with a guaranteed $180 million fight purse on Saturday night, he trained like he is broke. He trained like he don't have a dollar; like there is no tomorrow."

Finally, he confirmed that after sparring with Floyd nine years after they fought, he was adamant that the boxing great is a far superior version of himself in 2015.

"What me and Floyd put on in ‘06 was a classic. (However) he is ten times better than he was when I fought him in 2006."