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Demian Maia wants fight in Sao Paulo; says new Reebok sponsorship system is 'fair'

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Demian Maia would love to fight in his hometown of Sao Paulo at the TUF Finale Card on June 27. The Brazilian also spoke about the new Reebok sponsorship rules, which he favors over the previous one.

Demian Maia
Demian Maia
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Demian Maia doesn't want to waste any time. After dominating Ryan LaFlare for five rounds last March, the Brazilian is eyeing a spot on the The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Season 4 Finale card, which will take place in his hometown of Sao Paulo on June 27.

The card, which will be headlined by Rick Story and Erick Silva, draws some attention to the Brazilian who submitted "The Horror" back in 2013. Though Maia made it look easy, he still emphasizes how tough Erick's challenge truly is.

"I would like to fight in Sao Paulo. I like fighting there. My manager has been talking to the UFC and it would be great if that happened", he told Portal do Vale Tudo."Rick Story is the only guy to ever beat Johny Hendricks apart from GSP and Robbie Lawler, so he has to be respected"

Maia also took some time to speak about the UFC's new Reebok agreement for sponsorship, which will be based on how long a fighter has been with the UFC, instead of their ranking, as it was previously.

"It'll be good for me, because my next fight will be my 21st fight in the UFC. I think it's fair, because nowadays the rankings are too vague. They are made by journalists, and as much as these people are serious and professional, human beings have emotions, so they could favor one fighter over the other. And that's normal, it's human. Maybe they could work with some sort of formula if they want to bring back the old system. For instance, maybe a win the number 5 guy would be worth more than a win over the number 10 guy or a first round win would be worth more than third round one. It's too complicated with something so subjective in sports", said Maia.