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Carlos Condit says he will finish Thiago Alves 'in the fourth or fifth round'

Carlos Condit talks about his knee injury, his upcoming fight with Thiago Alves and how he thinks his strategy will allow him to finish his opponent in hostile territory.

Carlos Condit feels like himself again. After suffering a torn knee ligament during his bout against Tyron Woodley on UFC 171, over a year ago, The Natural Born Killer now guarantees he is 100% ready to take on Brazilian slugger, Thiago Alves on May 30. Condit recently took a trip down to Brazil to promote the card, which he and Alves are headlining.

"I feel really good. I blew my knee which is unfortunate, but now I'm feeling well mentally and physically" He told Portal do Vale Tudo. "I'm 100% back. It's part of the game, I just try to focus on getting my leg stronger get 100% with my ACL, but also working on my personal development as a mixed martial artist. I think I'm going to come back stronger. I know I am".

Once the UFC interim welterweight champion, Condit says a win over Alves will be important to get back on the title hunt, however, he prefers not to look past "Pitbull". In fact, Condit believes he will be able to finish the fight in the later rounds.

"I think it's important to get in there. Get back on track. Start making my way towards the title and Thiago Alves is the next obstacle in that path.  But I try not to think of the bigger picture right now, I rather focus on Thiago Alves who is a very, very, tough opponent. He is a very, very good striker, obviously, that's his bread and butter. But I think he's a well-rounded mixed martial artist, he's got good wrestling, really good jiu-jitsu, but mainly, he's a striker. He has kind of a traditional muay thai sense. He's very strong physically and it's going to be tough, but I feel I have a good strategy and if I come win prepared, I will walk off with a win. I think I'll finish him later in the fight, in the fourth or fifth round."

One of the fiercest kickers in the game, Alves has just dispatched Jordan Mein with a brutal kick to the body in his last outing and is also famous for his powerful leg kicks. Coming back from a severe knee injury, Carlos knows it wouldn't be a great idea to take many of those.

"I wouldn't like to take too many heavy leg kicks from anybody, let alone from Thiago, who has one of the heaviest leg kicks in the division. That's something we are definitely taking in consideration, but I'm also an experienced muay thai figher myself and as long as I implement my game and use my strategy, I think I'll be all right".

Carlos Condit and Thiago Alves will headline the UFC's second card in the city of Goiania, in Brazil, at UFC Fight Night 67.

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