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The MMA Vivisection - WSOF 20: Branch vs. Markes picks, odds, & analysis

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Zane Simon and Victor Rodriguez are back to break down the World Series of Fighting 20 main card.

*Note, this video was recorded before the announcement that Ronny Markes had been pulled from the card.

World Series of Fighting is playing low man on the totem pole this week. In an event filled weekend, and decent but not amazing WSOF card has a bit of a feeling of entertainment filler for the insatiably die-hard MMA fan. Are there interesting fights with interesting fighters? Yes. Are they the kind of fights that should have you tuning out other cards, no. Dave Branch has shown himself to be one of the best middleweights in the world, outside the UFC, but how will he do at light heavyweight. Nick Newell has met the first serious setback of his career, how will he bounce back from a bad loss to Justin Gaethje? Can Steve Mocco regain steam as a heavyweight prospect to watch? Is Ben Fodor more than a sideshow? So many questions, but you gotta watch for the answers.

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Here's a look at the WSOF 20 card as it now stands:

David Branch vs. Jesse McElligott
Nick Newell (-367) vs. Joe Condon (+283)
Ozzy Dugulubgov (-503) vs. Lucas Montoya (+377)
Ben Fodor (-154) vs. Emmanuel Walo (+126)
Steve Mocco (-387) vs. Juliano Cuitanho (+377)
Online Streaming Card:
Chris Foster vs. Saul Almeida
Darren Mima vs. Johnny Campbel
Leon Davis vs. Islam Mamedov