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Georges St-Pierre: If I ever come back, 'I can still be on top'

GSP feels that he still has what it takes to be the best mixed martial artist in the world.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

It has been way over a year since we have seen Georges St-Pierre last compete. After a close split-decision victory over Johny Hendricks, the former welterweight champion stepped aside and made way for the next generation of world-class 170 pounders. Guys like his teammate Rory MacDonald, who faces new champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 on July 11.

But should GSP decide to return to the Octagon one day, their time could be over in an instant. At least according to him, as he recently said on Chael Sonnen's "You're Welcome" podcast:

"I believe if I ever want to come back and fight I could be the best in mixed martial arts, if I find the fun and I have the feel for it again," St-Pierre said. "If I train hard and I have the pleasure to do it, I believe I can still be on top."

Since St-Pierre vacated his belt and announced he needed "some time off" over a year ago, speculations about a possible comeback are constantly running high. Statements like the above are sure adding fuel to those speculations. Is GSP just biding his time for a potential return?

The Canadian superstar has stated multiple times that he has lost the hunger to compete and that the UFC's lax drug testing policy is preventing him from coming back anyway. Since then, the world's biggest mixed martial arts organization has installed more rigorous testing and hired former BALCO investigator Jeff Novitzky to get rid of the performance enhancing drugs problem.

However, UFC president Dana White still feels that his former poster boy won't come back any time soon, but GSP raised his fan's hopes last week when he explained in another interview:

"He says he’s sure I won’t come back, that’s his opinion. I train, I keep myself in shape. I have marks on my body because my body bruises easily and I’m training hard."

"It doesn’t mean I’m coming back, but it doesn’t mean I’m not coming back," he added. "I’m thinking about it."