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Heavy Hands 46: How to fight a southpaw with Machida, Rockhold, Stevenson, and Beterbiev

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Patrick Wyman and Connor Ruebusch break down the tactics of Open Stance fighting, how to beat a southpaw, and why southpaws keep beating you.

On this episode of Heavy Hands, Connor and Pat break down Open Stance fights. Open Stance occurs when a southpaw and an orthodox fighter meet, and the angles and attacks of such an encounter are truly fascinating.

Your hosts look at the tactics of an open stance fight by analyzing the skills of southpaws Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida, who face off in the main event of UFC on Fox 15, on April 18th.

Also discussed are boxers Adonis Stevenson, who used classic southpaw tactics to retain his lineal light heavyweight title last weekend, and Artur Beterbiev, who bested the southpaw Gabriel Campillo in flawless fashion.

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Open stance diagrams:

Weak outside angle

Strong outside angle

Strong inside angle

Countering weak outside angle with strong inside angle

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