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Video: 'Hero' Matt Hamill rescues little boy, hits TV news

Matt Hamill rescued a child from a car crash last week, now the former UFC fighter made the TV news with this brave action.

Last week, former UFC fighter Matt Hamill rescued a little boy from a potential car crash on the highway. The child's intoxicated mother was driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street and eventually passed out and drifted off onto the grass median. Hamill chased the woman, punched in the window of her car and pulled out the kid.

"When I saw the boy, I had to bust (the car window) open and get him out," Hamill told local television show "Eyewitness News", that picked up the story. You can watch the whole segment above.

It shows old wrestling footage of Hamill, as well as a video shot directly after the incident, where the WSOF light heavyweight uses sign language to describe what just happened.

Hamill was also quoted on the show to be glad nobody got hurt and that he feels sorry for the mother, because she won't be able to see her child for a while. The mother was charged with felony DWI, the boy has been handed over to relatives.

Matt Hamill was scheduled to fight Thiago Silva at WSOF 19 on March 28, but had to pull out of the bout due to a sinus infection.

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