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Felice Herrig would be 'surprised' if Paige VanZant could make her 15 mins of fame last

Women’s strawweight competitor Felice Herrig questions whether Paige VanZant is destined to be a one-hit wonder.

Esther Lin

As someone who is accustomed to media adoration and attention, Felice Herrig understands the position her upcoming opponent Paige VanZant is in, even if she is not thoroughly convinced that the youngster's stardom will last.

According to Herrig, VanZant's meteoric rise to fame following her first UFC fight might ironically lead to her eventual detriment. Given that Paige did not land that slot with years of dedication, Herrig believes it simply won't last.

"I think it's just because she's new and people really haven't seen her or what she's all about. You jump on what you think is going to be the next big thing," Herrig told FOX Sports. "I do firmly believe that when you build something from the ground floor on your own, it lasts longer. There's longevity in it. I think you see all the time in music you have those one-hit wonders or those people that have their 15 minutes of fame.

"I'm not saying that's how I see Paige, but I will be surprised if Paige could make it last."

Herrig added that her time on The Ultimate Fighter really emphasized that she belonged amongst the top strawweights in the UFC. However, VanZant was not a part of the reality show, mainly because she was underage to consume alcohol. Herrig suggests that that could be viewed as both a positive and a negative, as VanZant will be a sought after commodity since she has fought less than the other women, but she also didn't get a chance to gauge her skill set against the remainder of the pack.

"Paige didn't really have to go through that, and I think that may be another reason why she's getting some attention."

No matter the situation, Herrig is pleased to have the opportunity to derail the budding talent's hypetrain.

"Somebody has to stop her hype train, and why (can't that) be me? I would much rather this (fight) getting a lot of hype and a lot of attention. The more she gets hyped up, the better it is for me if I beat her."

Transcription taken from Fox Sports.