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Hendricks over GSP loss, tells the ex-champ to 'stay in retirement'

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Heavy hitting welterweight slugger Johny Hendricks was featured as a guest on Sunday's edition of Submission Radio. Bigg Rigg analyzed his performance at UFC 167 against Georges St-Pierre and revealed his thoughts on the Canadian's departure from mixed martial arts competition.

It's been almost two years since NCAA division I wrestling powerhouse Johny Hendricks rocked the MGM Grand Garden Arena with his thrilling contest against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167. Despite the Texan's best efforts in the Octagon on that historic night, it was GSP's hand raised in the air by referee Mario Yamasaki. A shocked Hendricks collapsed to the mat when Bruce Buffer announced the split decision in favour of St-Pierre. Hendricks went on to seize UFC gold at UFC 171 against Robbie Lawler, but had the belt snatched away from him in the closely contested rematch at UFC 181.

Although the Team Takedown's fighter was obviously disgruntled following the controversial loss to St-Pierre, Hendricks does not regret his loss in the Octagon.

"No. No I don’t regret it, because if you re-watch the fight, I did everything I wanted to do. You know what I mean? Like literally, that’s the fight that I could look back and say, it was a great weight cut it, was a great fight. I did everything, and I did it the best I could," Hendricks said in a Submission Radio interview.

Hendricks was later quizzed on GSP's retirement from the mixed martial arts battleground where he expressed his conflicting sentiments on the Canadian's UFC exit. A part of Bigg Rigg wants to avenge his loss to St-Pierre, another part wants the former long-time champ to bask in retirement:

"There’s a part of me that sits there and says 'Yes, I’d love to have him back, because I would like to fight him again', but then there’s also a part of me where you’re never going to be able to take away what he did. Does that make sense? He did a lot of stuff for the sport and a lot of stuff for the Welterweight division. So there’s a part of me that says 'hey, stay in retirement and let us decide to see who the next sort of GSP will be'. That’s where my head's at," Hendricks told Submission Radio.

Georges St-Pierre recently revealed that he's 'thinking' about a UFC return, while Hendricks is optimistic that his win over Matt Brown at UFC 185 bought him a shot at the winner of UFC 189's championship tilt between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald.