Old School Fight Metric: Jerry Bohlander vs Fabio Gurgel


Bohlander vs Gurgel

When this fight took place at UFC 11, it featured two of the best in NHB/MMA under 200 pounds. Gurgel was a legendary black belt who came into the fight as the most hyped brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner in the UFC and perhaps MMA at the time. Bohlander was a tough fighter out of the Lions Den who possessed decent stand up skills, good wrestling and good submissions. At the time many people considered this fight to be an unofficial title fight for everyone competung in NHB under 200 pounds.

The fight took place in the first round of the UFC 11 tournament and was 1 fifteen minute round. Bohlander and Gurgel seemed pretty even standing, with Gurgel spending a minute or so committing to a takedown that he eventually got. The surprise (and moment of the fight) was when Gurgel finally passed Bohlander's half guard, moved into side mount and than mounted Bohlander, only to have Bohlander instantly spring up and reverse position, winding up on top of Gurgel in his guard. From then on Bohlander beat the crap out of Gurgel for the remainder of the fight, winning a unanimous decision. Aside from a late scare at a triangle attempt, Bohlander stayed in Gurgels guard and punished him. Bohlander would drop out of the UFC 11 tournament with a broken hand, but he had sent shockwaves throughout the NHB world by upsetting Fabio Gurgel. In a way it was like a minuature version of Shamrock vs Gracie 2. The win was huge for Bohlander and led to him being considered the top fighter under 200 pounds for a short span in the mid 90's. Lets take a look at the stats.

Jerry Bohlander

Standing Punches: 23/26 total (15/18 head shots)

Standing Kicks: 0/1

Take Downs: 1/1

Punches from Top Position: 147 of 159 punches landed. 117 to the body

Head Butts: 16 of 19 landed clean

Knees to Ass: 4

Submission Attempts: 0/2 (guillotine and crossface fence choke)

Illegal Kicks to Downed Opponent: 2

Punches from Bottom: 1

Knees from Clinch: 2

Total Strikes Landed : 195 total strikes landed

Fabio Gurgel

Standing Punches: 10/13 landed

Punches from Bottom Position: 7

Take Downs: 1/2 (Bohlanders fence holding made him really work for the takedown)

Submission: 0/2 (guillotine, triangle)

Knee from the Clinch: 1

Total Strikes Landed: 18 total strikes landed

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