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UFC Fight Night: Mendes vs Lamas - Inside the Guard

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T.P. Grant takes a look back at Chad Mendes' dominant win and other technical aspects of the UFC Fight Night.

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Inside the Guard looks back at the UFC Fight Night: Chad Mendes vs Ricardo Lamas. Not too much big picture to talk about on this one, but some technique talk to go over.

Troubles with the player? Watch it on YouTube. Click here for an audio-only version of the video.

Quick rundown of the show:

  • Brief recap of main event between Mendes and Lamas
  • Thoughts on Al Iaquinta win over Jorge Masvidal and MMA scoring system
  • Some MMA metagame talk on trip takedowns from the clinch
  • Discussion of biggest hurdle for Russian fighters coming to UFC

No big in-depth breakdown this week. While Inside the Guard covers any televised UFC card, sadly I will be traveling for the mysterious day job over the upcoming UFC on Fox card. I won't be able to watch the event live and will not be able to record. Sorry! But I will be back for UFC 186.

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