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Report: Burt Watson in talks with Submission Series Pro

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It has been over a month since Burt Watson ended his 14-year stint with the UFC. It now seems Watson is possibly poised to join Canadian promotion Submission Series Pro, according to sources close to the promotion.

Esther Lin/MMAFighting

The MMA world was left in shock when long time Zuffa employee Burt Watson walked out during UFC 184. In the days following the event it became apparent that Watson had left his position as event coordinator because of a disagreement with a UFC colleague, regarding the way Watson handled Mark Munoz's transportation following the UFC 184 weigh-ins. Little had been heard from Watson since he left his post with the promotion, but according to sources his return to the combat world might be imminent.

Submission Series Pro, a submission only grappling organization based in Canada, have arranged for Burt Watson to appear at their show in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 20th and are actively trying to recruit the combat sport veteran. Submission Series Pro had been looking for an on-site coordinator for their marquee show in Toronto in July. It is thought when Submission Series Pro became aware that Watson's UFC tenure had came to end he would be a good fit for the job.

It remains to be seen if Watson will come to terms with the promotion but it seems like they are eager to acquire his services. Over his 14-year UFC career, Watson had become one of the promotions most well-respected employees and his departure came as a surprise to many. Burt Watson has long been a cornerstone of the fight business, working in many roles throughout the combat sports including managing all-time boxing great Joe Frazier.