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Anderson Silva writes possible farewell message: 'Thank you all for everything'

Anderson Silva went on his Instagram to write a few words about being great and overcoming adversity. However, many pundits were led to believe he was really saying goodbye to the sport.

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva
Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Anderson Silva has been acting mysteriously again. Just a few hours before the first episode of the The Ultimate Fighter Brazil aired, he wrote quite the enigmatic message on his Instagram, which made many of his followers feel like he was saying goodbye.

Here's what Anderson had to say:

"Greatness comes not when things are going well for you. But greatness comes when you're really tested. When you suffer a few moves, some disappointments, when sadness arrives.  Because only if you have been in deep valleys you may someday know how magnificent it is to be on the top of the mountain. Thanks you all for everything, I hope to be with you soon, UFC".

While we sit around trying to crack his message, Anderson Silva will have to wait until April 21 for his hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission which will declare if he is guilty of his doping accusations.

Anderson Silva tested positive for illegal substances, Drostanolone and Androstante before and after his bout with Nick Diaz at UFC 183. Later on, he also tested positive for medicines Oxazepam and Temazepam.