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Irish tabloid throws infidelity allegations at UFC champ Jose Aldo

Irish newspaper the Sunday World insinuates that Jose Aldo was unfaithful to his wife with a Brazilian model during his stay in Dublin last week.

Almost a week has passed since the UFC 189 press tour touched down in Conor McGregor's hometown of Dublin, Ireland. As far as fight fans were concerned the press tours major story was  McGregor's antics, which included grabbing Jose Aldo's belt and holding it high for the partisan crowd, who continued a non stop tirade of insults toward the UFC's featherweight champion. It was a spectacle that was sure to make headlines.

Instead of focusing on the eventful press conference the Sunday World, a major Irish tabloid newspaper has decided to run a piece about Jose Aldo's love life, speculating that he might be cheating on his wife, Vivianne, who he has been in a relationship with since his teens.

While the Sunday World gossip column usually sticks to speculating on reality tv and soccer stars love lives, it seems the paper has been bitten by the McGregor popularity bug that has entrenched mainstream Irish media. According to the Sunday World, Jose Aldo ended up taking Brazilian model Heloaney Guimares out for dinner before making their way to popular nightclub Lillie's Bordello by rickshaw.

Guimaraes told the tabloid newspaper that the attraction between herself and Aldo was instantaneous:

"I knew he fancied me straight away at the media event, as in the middle of the interview, he looked to me and asked me in Portuguese, ‘Are you married?"

When pressed about if anything of a physical nature happened between her and Aldo Guimares refused to divulge "I'd rather not comment on that." However she was quick to mention just how attractive she found her fellow country man:

"He has beautiful eyes, they're small and black, he's very sexy and has a cute look."

The news of Aldo's alleged infidelity coincides with him missing a flight back to Brazil the morning following his night out in Dublin. The Sunday World is Ireland's second most popular weekly tabloid newspaper and like all tabloids, it should be noted that it isn't known for its journalistic integrity.

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