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Cain Velasquez talks Fabricio Werdum, responds to Tyson Fury: 'He doesn't have a chance'

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez discusses his upcoming title clash with Fabricio Werdum and responds to Tyson Fury's verbal onslaught.

Cain Velasquez was recently featured as a guest on Inside MMA's latest production. The UFC's captaining Mexican fighter was quizzed by Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten on his championship tilt with Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188 and on Tyson Fury's recent verbal assault targeting the title-holder.

Former King of Pancrase world champion and Inside MMA co-host Bas Rutten queried Velasquez on his gameplan for Fabricio Werdum:

'With someone liked Werdum, we know he's a guy with a lot of experience and with every fight he's definetely getting better. He always shows up as a more new and improved Werdum. He just does everything really well, so we have to be smart because he is crafty and throws a lot of stuff; knees, spinning kicks, spinning back fists. So we have to be careful but my style of fighting is going forward and applying pressure, so lots of pressure.'

The injury prone champ also briefly touched on his battle with ACL and MCL trauma - devastating injury complications that have sidelined Velasquez from prize-fighting competition for almost two years:

'It's a thing of always learning. You've gotta grow. You know your body, you know what your body can take and can't take, and it's a thing of, hey - you gotta be smart with it.'

Bas Rutten saved the best for last, concluding the interview with a prompt for AKA's prized pupil to utter his thoughts on a very vocal heavyweight boxing contender. Towering over his opponents at 6'9", Manchester's local boxing talent - Tyson Fury - recently let loose on Cain Velasquez and the rest of the UFC roster, ridiculing the talent pool of MMA's head promotion. Velasquez humorously responded:

'There's nothing I can do, y'know. I'm in this sport, he's in that sport. He talks a lot, he's doing a good job of it for sure. He needs to step in and work his way up. I felt like he doesn't have a chance, but, okay, if you wanna keep running your mouth then go out there and prove it.'

Even when gunned down with trash talk from a lumbering Irish traveller, the Mexican-American maintains a humble and respectable stance when it comes to discussing potential foes in the Octagon.

Cain Velasquez is set to defend his strap against interim champion Fabricio Werdum for MMA's heavyweight summer blockbuster event of 2015 at UFC 188 on June 13.

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